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Fully Funded Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicle Training Program.


John Chambers

Owner - Eco Drivers

Eco Drivers, John Chambers, Fully Funded electric vehicle driver training, electric vehicle, EV, Plug-in hybrid

A qualified Mechanical Engineer, and former professional racing driver. John has been a driver, team owner and team manager for multiple race teams in both cars and bikes.

John has been instructing in all manner of vehicles for over 20 years. He has worked for many companies such as Energy Saving Trust, MotorSportVision , Bedford Autodrome, Suburu and MX5 Owners clubs, TVR, Audi, Ford SVO, Jaguar and many others. He has an engineering background and has raced and won in many championships over the years.

In recent years the emphasis has been working with companies that are working to reduce the environmental impact of cars. This has focused on advising on how to manage and run fleets, choice of correct vehicles and increasingly the use of hybrid and fully electric vehicles in large and small fleets.

About us

Eco Drivers provide a fully funded training program if you provide your own vehicles. The course is designed to reduce harmful emissions by promoting sustainable, efficient use of energy & transport. The course is run by approved trainers in connection with the Energy Saving Trust.

There is no cost to you or your company or organisation other than the cost of us providing training vehicles. The course involves in-house classroom training and an opportunity to try out a range of Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles.

Course Structure

Classroom training covering -

• Background

• Plug-in vehicle technologies

• Efficient driving for plug-in vehicles

• Vehicle charging & infrastructure

• Model-specific information

Practical training -

•Opportunity to drive plug-in vehicles


Types Of Vehicles We Offer

We can offer a range of Electric and Plug-in Hybrids for you to drive at no cost to you.


Our Objective

To reduce harmful emissions by promoting sustainable, efficient use of energy & transport.


What will be covered?

•The Contribution Of Transport To UK CO2 Emissions

•EU CO2 Car Emissions Targets

•Air Quality

•Nitrous Oxide - The Real World V NEDC

•ULEV Sales - Projections Towards 2040

•Plug-in Vehicles Technology

•Development Of Electric Vehicles


•Range Extended Vehicles

•Electric Vans

•Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles

•Efficient Driving for Plug-in Vehicles

•Eco Driving

•Electric Vehicle Eco Driving

•Regenerative Braking

•Electric Vehicle Efficient Speed

•Fuel Consumption and Speed

•Heating and Air Conditioning

•Charging Infrastructure

•Charging Times

•Vehicle Inlet Sockets

•Rapid Charging

•Public Network Charging

•Destination Charging

•Domestic Charging

•Having A Go with a selection Electric & Hybrid Vehicles


To learn more about Eco Drivers, to book a fully funded course or speak to us further about our services then please fill in your details below and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.